Group & Individual EMDR Consultation

I came to Psychotherapy later in life in 2009.  I trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in 2011 and became a Certified Trauma Therapist in 2015.  I am Certified in EMDR and currently an EMDRIA Consultant In Training (CIT).  As a CIT, I can offer up to 15-hours of Individual or Group Consultation towards the 20-hours required for EMDR Certification.  I have done advanced EMDR training in Dyadic Resourcing for healing attachment wounds and Ego State Therapy for working with clients with dissociation.  I bring my background in working with children, teens and adults into my consultation. Attachment repair, with a real, live good enough attachment adult or through creative healing work is of special interest to me.  I hope to share my awe for this healing work and for my great respect the people who come to do this work.

Group EMDR Consultation:

This school year Heather Toulmin, Certified EMDR and Trauma Therapist, will be offering an EMDR Consultation Group 8:30-10am one Wednesday per month.

The group will provide time for both case consultation and presentations on various interventions and protocols, possibilities include Dyadic Resourcing for attachment resourcing, I-Gaze Interweave, screening tools such as the MID.4 and other topics that are of interest to the group.

As a second year EMDRIA Consultant in Training, Heather is able to offer 15 hours of the 20 required for EMDR Certification.  Most participants choose to come for enhancing their practice and breadth of knowledge, not certification, but it is an option available if you choose to pursue it.

Finally, for those who do not know Heather, she began her work in pediatric primary care, and came to EMDR to heal the adult attachment figures she worked with in adoptive and foster families.  Heather now works with children, teens and adults and offers EMDR as one of many venues to healing.  She is particularly eager to enrich our network of therapists working with children and teens, especially those living in poverty.  Her previous career path meandered in environmental law, department of corrections teaching, and curriculum development for K-12 schools.

Dates: Group  8:30-10am

October 17
November 14
December 19
January 23
February 6

Rate$60/Group or Individual Consultation in person or via Zoom, discounts available for EMDR-trained community mental health or non-profit staff.

Please help spread the word and be in touch with questions or to register!

Individual Consultation:

Individual Consultation is available in person, by phone or HIPPA compliant video conferencing.  Individual consultation can be scheduled as needed, or more regularly towards EMDR Certification.  All phases of EMDR will be addressed and use of videos is requested.

Disclosures & Consultation Agreements to be sent upon request.  Questions welcomed.